LIS Introductory Summer Workshop, July 8-12, 2019
The 28th edition, University of Luxembourg

Friday July 12th
Louis Chauvel & Eyal Bar-Haim


Session 5.1

Louis Chauvel: LIS from cross-sections to pseudo-panels : From Angus Deaton's model to the Age-Period-Cohort models for intra/inter cohort inequality


Session 5.1 : Age Period Cohort models


Text with Martin Schroeder in Social Forces

The Gender gap paper

Archive paper: the Deaton&Paxson:




Lab session



Data preparation (FYI)


Main Code

Outputs :   

Tricks to change outputs in Stata Graphs



Session 5.2

New Methods for International Comparisons
of inequality dynamics


Session 5.2 : Isographs for distributional shapes transformations  


The isograph paper in the Review of income and wealth

The Variety of Distribution VOD paper





FOR LISSY (data preparation : FYI, not to be crunched again !)

FOR LISSY isograph comparisons

ON LOCAL XLS for graphing isographs 

ON LOCAL STATA for graphing isographs